Company offer loans for those with poor credit?

I hope this is posted in the right category, does anyone have any knowledge of this company. this was sent to me by an online friend, I was wondering if this is a legitimate offer or is there a catch. and are there other companies like this who offer mortgage loans to people with poor credit ratings. I have never heard of this company before so I thought I would ask. thank you for your replies.

I just saw this site advertised on ION. It’s about mortgage loans for “less than perfect” credit.

I was told by a guy at one of the FHA loan places that I would probably be approved for a loan even though everyone else has given me excuses not to approve me. My credit is less than perfect but I have made effort to pay off old debts.

Does anyone here think he’s telling the truth? Is it possible that this is my only and last chance to get a home loan before my credit score climbs 100 points? If it ever does. I keep getting credit pulled trying to get approved. HELP!!
I need to know a lot. I don’t know much of anything about this biz.

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