Collection Agency for a Dell account…any way to get out of paying them more?

My husband had a Dell account a few years ago and when times got tough, stopped paying it. It ended up on his credit report as a collection, owing them $ 4000 some odd dollars, which the computer he bought did not cost even close to that. Recently, as we’re both trying to clean up our credit, he got a phone call from the Collection Agency wanting to settle. They said they would settle for $ 4000, and then he got them down to $ 3400…I’ve been doing alot of research and reading books on credit repair, and had I been home when he got that call would NOT have let him settle. Anyways, he settled for the $ 3400, and they took $ 1700 directly out of our bank account this week, and they’re supposed to be taking $ 1700 out next month. Is there anything we can do at this point as far as getting out of paying them $ 1700 more dollars? My husband hasn’t been doing as much research as I have and just wants to pay off debts to clean up his credit. Therefore, he didn’t dispute anything. Is it too late to dispute or request validation from the CA? Isn’t $ 1700 enough to settle for? Geez, we could have 2 computers for $ 1700!! I’m thinking about putting a stop payment on the money they are due to take out next month until the debt is verified. Is that the route to take? There was no written agreement, this was all over the phone, and I don’t even think my husband told them he wants it REMOVED from his report…so, I’m just kinda at a standstill with this one. Any help is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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