Closing cost for an FHA loan?

I plan on buying my first property, which will be a duplex, using an FHA loan. I will be living in one of the units, since this is a requirement for the loan. I believe the down payment must be anywhere from 3-3.5% depending on your credit.

What I need help understanding is the closing costs. On a 180000 property, at 3.5%, I would need to put $ 6300 down. I read that you can incorporate the closing costs into the loan amount. So for example, if my closing costs were another $ 6000. That amount would just be payed by the bank and then would be added into the mortgage amount owed? I’m a little confused on this.

I am trying to figure out the exact numbers so I can calculate the amount of money I would need to save. Down payment, closing costs, emergency repairs, furniture, etc….

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