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I think the answer is strong enough to allow the question to be presented.
Well my mom took the child support card from me just because I got a SUMMER job, which ends in two weeks, but anyways its mines, and without me she wouldn`t be gettin it, and if she doesn`t give me back the card I wanted to know if there is anyway that I could go to court and have them cancel it, cause im an 18 year old senior and I need money, not just 400 dollars every ****** two weeks from a summer jobs, and not to mention that I have to get clothes cause I hardly have any and shoes and this is jsut ****** up, I need to know what can i do reall???

Hello, reall

You are doomed.

Read over your own question.
At 18 you are offering yourself to the working world?
Your question shows that you are not ready to be an adult.
Good clothes and shoes are always available. Start at GOODWILL they have everything you need to survive.
You are living at home, You are not paying rent, CHILD SUPPORT will only last until you are 18 or when you leave school. You are 18 so the only way to continue the CHILD SUPPORT is for you to stay in school.
Your question shows that you have not learned enough in 18 years to be accepted in any University, College or Junior College. Your future has a 90% failure rate. Probably with time in jail within the first year of graduation, if you graduate.

You only have a 10% chance of making it.

Male or female here is your best chance.

Let you mom have the CHILD SUPPORT money.

It is time for you to get your own as* in gear.

Construction is the only field you are qualified for.
Your question shows that anything requiring the use of written English is beyond your abilities. You did not even use spell check. Therefore construction is your start. I recommend becoming an Electrician. Electrician is the highest pay for the least amount of work. Volunteer to work the first two weeks for free to show the company you can be at work on time ready to do and to learn. Electricity is an excellent teacher. If you do it wrong you get one hell of a shock, to make you think harder about what you just touched. If you are really stupid and do not learn fast, then electricity will kill you and I need not write any more.

You will spend a minimum of four years learning the Electrical trade. The same time you were given by your fellow citizens to learn to be an adult during high school but which you waisted thinking that life is a free ride and there was nothing but play time ahead.

With your first pay check as an electrical apprentice you will either make or break the 80 years ahead of you.

Male or female buy a pack of condoms and learn how to use them.
The last thing the world needs is more people, who can not take care of themselves, having more children.

Open an investment account. This may be the last thing on your mind.
Just do it. Without an investment account you will never succeed. This is the point I was NOT told and only learned after 30 years of working hard. It does not matter who the account is with. You are not going to invest yet. How can you? You know nothing about investing.

Do not give your mother any of your pay check. She does not know how to manage money, or you would not be in the sad state you are in.
You are living in a home. Your mother’s home. Start paying your own adult way. Chose a bill, The electric bill to start with. YOU pay that bill. You buy the money order, the stamp and the envelope and put it in a safe post office mailbox.
If you have any money left YOU go buy food for yourself. If you cook and clean up yourself then you need not buy your mother any food. If you are a deadly poor cook and you would like your mother to cook for you, you need to pay her to cook. Not with money but with the food list that she gives you to go to the store and buy the food yourself that she will cook. The store will show you how best to make every penny count.

Make sure you have enough left from your first pay check to buy the same high quality SCREW DRIVER that you saw the other electricians using. The master electricians will respect you more each week they see you show up ON TIME with one more Electrician Grade tool of your own.

DO NOT buy all your tools at one time. Good Tools are expensive and it will help you learn, if you ASK the Electricians you are working with, which tool you should buy next. The Electricians know which tools are safe for you. And which tools they recommend each week will tell you what they think of your progress.
My guess is the second week they will have you go buy ELECTRICIANS work boots. HUH? Bet you did not think of that one. The Electricians know your body is a wonderful wire and the fist thing to do is to insulate you from getting shocked and killed. Some time around the second m

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