Charging the barn manager for use on my stall?

So I have had boarding problems at my farm and the manager is trying to charge me out the ass for various items, that my horse has broken. Which I know very well were broken before I even moved him in. I am now moving him to a different stable and she has presented me with an invoice for what I owe her.

Anyhow I pay for full board because pasture board is not an option. My horse hates being stalled so he gets turn out 24/7 and only gets brought into his stall for feeding time. Well I have been to the barn numerous times and have grabbed my horse to bring him to his stall while I get my tack ready ect. and have found her horses standing in my horses stall. She does not give me any warning or even ask me if she can do it. I pay for that stall so it is mine and no one else’s horses should be able to be stalled in it. I pay the board for the stall so its technically mine. Does it make since to tell her that she needs to deduct an amount of money from my debt for her horses using my stall?
Also she wants to charge me through the end of February. I was going to tell her that if she charges me through that date that no other horse will be allowed in my horses old stall because I am paying for it. That if she wants to use the stall she should not charge me for it.

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