Chances of mortgage falling through?

I was wondering what are the chances of our financing falling through…Im so nervous I have heard about peoples loans falling through whne they go to the underwriter. We are working with a mortgage company that their loans are locally processed, underwritten, and closed by their company. We were told by the branch manager that we have nothing to worry about, but that doesnt help. We were pre-approved,found a house,made an offer had it accepted,locked in at 5.5%, gave the earnest money, had the inspection and appraisal done,had our funds verified, had our employment verified, the title company called and said we needed to get home owners insurance so we did that also, we havent had any changes to our credit, havent bought anything big, my husband has been in the Army Active duty for 15 years so he has steady employment, he had his identity stolen and we have been working to get it cleared up, his score is only 605… If it matters we are in Oklahoma state and are using my husbands VA loan…Im so nervous what are the chances of it falling through?

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