Chances of getting Discover credit card?

Ok, here’s my situation. I currently have 2 credit cards, Bank of America (with 500 limit) and American Express (with 3000 limit), both are almost maxed out. With my BOA i have $ 300 to pay and $ 2700 to pay with AMEX. Im paying BOA $ 150 a month and $ 200 for AMEX. Even with that kind of debt, i still have a credit score of 713.

I received an invitation from Discover. It’s an invitation to get Discover More Card and another invitation to get Discover Motiva Card. Both invitations are just valid until January 31, 2009. So i want to make a decision before it comes to end. So what are my chances of being approved to get one of this cards from Discover. And how hard is it gonna affect my credit score?

My only reason for getting another card is to just boost my credit ratio. That’s all. Nothing more. I’m not planning to use it, i might use it for small purchases for the moment (like less than $ 50 or so) 3 to 6 months after i receive it (saying im approved) just to show it’s not inactive or whatnot.

Another question about Discover cards. Which is better? Discover More? or Discover Motiva? I want something that will give more, kinda like platinum credit cards, to boost my credit ratio.

Ok, just to get everything straight. PLEASE! If your just gonna post an answer saying “BE RESPONSIBLE” or “STAY AWAY FROM CREDIT CARDS” or whatnot, PLEASE dont waste your time posting it. Im just here to get some real and serious answers about my questions.

And please at least explain your answer, not a one line answer.

Thanks everyone!
Drema and Brent, thanks for the answer. Also, im concerned about me being kind’a in debt with my two credit cards. Right now my credit ratio is really bad. So, is my credit ratio gonna affect my application for Discover credit cards?

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