Car loans through credit union and poor credit?

My credit score is very low due to me being behind on my mortgage. I will be caught up on my mortgage in another 2 weeks and I am waiting until late Aug to purchase a vehicle. The last time I applied for a vehicle loan, I was desperate because my car had just died (for good) and I had no money. The dealer told me that he’d found a bank to approve me, but I needed to put $ 1,000 down. The only problem was that I didn’t have $ 1,000. Well when I make a purchase in Aug, I will be putting $ 1500 down and I’m looking to finance about $ 14000. My monthly income is $ 2500. Is it worth it for me to apply at a credit union? This is not a matter of wanting a vehicle. It’s a matter of not being able to keep my job without a dependable car; soon I will not be able to drive my POS car anymore.

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