Can’t afford medical bill although I have insurance?

I live in New York City.
I have Oxford through my job.
In June I passed out in the subway (too many people and too hot) and was sent to the ER. Because the ER I was sent to is not affiliated with my plan, my insurance will not pay for the bill. The hospital will not offer me any discount becuase I have health insurance.

My health insurance can help out a little, but I have a 1000$ deductable. So I am stuck paying for the deductable.

There were no services rendered in the ER. I waited for 3-5 hours and it was just so packed that I went to my regular doctor. I am being billed just for walking in.

I am thinking of canceling my health insurance because I now have a 5000$ deductable should this happen again. If I did not have insuance i was told by the ER that I would have to pay 500$ out of pocket… I think even if I did get sick, I could not afford cobra, so I might as well jsut do without and go to clinics and pay out of pocket.

I now pay $ 500 a month for my insurance… what would you do? would you do without?

I make 40k after taxes and all of this I take home about 26k… my rent is $ 927 for a studio… You really can’t get rent much lower then this here…

thank you!
please note, no services were rendered in the ER. I had no choice to go being I passed out in the subway, or I would not have gone… The dedcuable is not going up becuase of this, it is going up just because of an anual thing and the times.

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