Can you sue a Title & Escrow company for forgery?

If a Title & Escrow company forged your signature on a mortgage loan payoff request form that you did not authorize and was not aware of, can you sue for forgery, fraud, and/or privacy invasion? If so, how long do you have to file suit? Also, if the title company has paid back the payoff request fee, is it still possible to sue?
Damage to my name is not the issue, the issue is the fact that this company forged my signature to a document, and sent it to my mortgage company without my permission, which in turn, my mortgage company released my personal & confidential account infomation to this company and then charged me for request. I didn’t even request assistance from this company, nor was I intending to payoff the mortgage of discussion. That is why I said Forgery, Fraud and/or Privacy invasion. But thank you for your input.

Can anyone tell me how long from the date of the occurence do I have to file suit?

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