Can you rent a house, while promised by Veterans Affairs?

I’m in a house for a little over 2 years and I wonder if I rent in a position to be home when I leave. I have a VA loan against it, and since it does not allow loans for investment properties. Does this mean I live there for a number of years before I want to rent?
So first of all I would say I’m 23 and live with my mother who is 50 and who is the man (my father) has recently passed on December 1. Before she was a few months have not been paid their mortgage, because it is under his name and he was unemployed and in and out of the Krankenhaus. Jetzt is the house that was eventually moved in with sound (there was no will) a few weeks. She fought with the bank to get information on mortgages and was fought with the Veterans of money owed to her as a widow and I think it’s terrible to get money. It has always been my father in the Verantwortung.Ich went to it yesterday for about an hour and half, and I need to pay to cross the bridge to see her, and with the rights and gas prices as they are I have not money to see you in concert. When I was there yesterday, I raised my voice to her about feeding the dog …. marsh mallows treated as continuing in other Kommentareund she was offended when I told him not to feed the dog a lot, mind raised his voice a bit and I’m serious, but it has angry and refused to speak to me for the rest of the night. I gave him a book I had, and she basically told me off. This morning, I asked if she wanted to brake quickly, she said no and left the house, then returned and went to bed. When I left, I was asked if she was angry Awak a “yes” and told him I was leaving, a quick “goodbye” was. Normally it is not so.Sie under anti-depressants. I’m worried that she might commit suicide or something. I do not know what to do. She will not talk to me or take my calls. All family members in Canada and we live in the United States, Inc. to be exact. I have no family Zahlen.Ich do not know what to do ist.Sie suffered from depression in the past, really bad and tried to commit suicide than Teenager.Im concerned because she has no money and the house is in foreclosure in the near future 3. April and I will not know where they live is the passiertSie can not stay with me because I was with my boyfriend’s parents now know enough leben.Ich not important what I do when I kann.Im n ‘ did not even have money for gas. He has no support group, no church, she works all ZeitIch’m her support group and they will not with me redenSie no friends, and she did not like my father has always I do not think it’s a great thing, is that all these things, she is faced with never treated before.

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