Can You Help Resolve the Credit Score Confusion?

I use a service that gives me all three major credit bureau scores. Each one of those scores are different (which is not difficult to understand). However, it says that these scores are based on “VantageScore” which was developed with the cooperation of the 3 major bureaus where they are all using the same formulas for calculating your score.

Although people say the FICO score is the most important, apparently Experian has pulled out and you can’t even get your FICO scores any longer. When I go to the MyFICO web site, you are only given a choice of either Transunion or Equifax, you can’t have both. It seems a waste for me to buy only ONE of your scores (unless you can buy the other in a separate transaction).

So the question is: Just WHAT scores are being used? I read somewhere that lenders can go with either or both (VantageScore vs. FICO). I’m confused.

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