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Save the Animals

200 million animals are killed a year because of animal hunting. I think hunting animals for sport is immoral and should be stopped. Hunting should be stopped because it has animals killed, the hunters don’t have legit excuses and the government is for it.
There are many reasons why animal hunting for sport is dangerous. Only 7% percent of Americans hunt for sport, but this 7% has killed 42 million mourning doves, 30 million squirrels, 28 million quail, 25 million rabbits, and many more animals. This couldn’t be hunting for food because no one eats mourning doves or quail. Many animals can’t function properly when hunters around and after they are around because it is large disturbance. Animals won’t eat if they won’t function properly and that too kills animals. Also dozens of deaths and thousands of injuries to humans have happened because of hunting accidents in 2001. If that was in 2001 I am sure the numbers have risen because USA is becoming more populated each year. Hunting is danger to everyone and everything around the hunter.
There are several excuses why people continue to hunt for sport. The most common excuse is that it is a tradition. Our founding fathers did it, so why can’t we? Well slavery was a tradition, too. Slavery was also stopped because it was cruel to humans. Isn’t hunting cruel to animals? Another excuse is that people call it a hobby. Well one can’t force another to change hobbies, but let’s say that my hobby was to burn down buildings. Just because I think it is a hobby doesn’t it make it sound better at all. Also people hunt because they think it’s a better alternative to smoking. Although hunting is better for you than smoking, it still is bad. This isn’t an excuse, and should be ignored.
The government really doesn’t care about the animals either, Although they should. The government only wants it so they can earn some easy money. People need to buy their hunting license, insurance, and equipment. This money goes to the government. The government needs to stop this because there are better ways to earn money other than accepting hunting. They also could use animal sterilizing, a short to solution to animal hunting, but they don’t want to spend the money on this. They also think that more black bears kill people for food. But black bears are on the list of endangered species. Also, only five people get injured from a black bear attack and about 2 deaths per year for the past 107 years. We must be doing more harm to them than they are to us.
These are some of the reasons why people think animal hunting for pleasure is good. Some think it is “ethical” because the hunter practices fair chase. What is fair about defenseless animals being hunted down by a person who can shoot a bullet that goes 4 times as fast as the animal can. People also think they can do it because it is a sport. But if shooting animals is a sport, I suppose that shooting other humans is a sport too. People also think that animals are over-populating the world. But realistically we are taking up more space than the animals are.
I think the best solution to animal hunting is that we leave the animals alone and become vegetarians. Although it probably won’t happen, there is still a difference between hunting for food and hunting for pleasure. If we don’t stop hunting animals, by another two or three generation, more animals will be extinct for a sad reason. Save these poor creatures before hunters kill them all out.

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