can you have a second home with a 800 credit score and history of low income?

my friend has an apartment in Los Angeles, it is worth 300K. She tried to start a business and quit his job 2 years ago. well enough to say that business and was not running so well, so they went out and got a home equity loan of 50K. It wastes money and 25K credit line. Remember that they have no income (REAL JOB) coming in a little money of their business.  just discovered that a mortgage on his apartment ARM, which they pay interest only and it is now added up to $ 2,500 per month. They finally out of it though, but I have a real job very well paid to Los Angeles and decided to rent, moving for work and to help a friend pay for mortgages, credit and mortgage because they are upside down on the property. Now she has a tenant in his apartment, she is now trying to buy a house before with her friend. Is this possible with all service mortgage there? It only 2 1 / 2 months, no: it has a credit rating 801  pay all their bills on time and in full was late a few times on their line. Is it legal ? Is this possible?

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