can you have a savings account to get a loan with prosper ?

i need to get a small personal loan about 4000 and i have a score last time i checked it was about 595 i am trying to clean up my credit ( i am still looking for a second job for those who have seen my emails no luck yet lol) but i got a promotion and we are able to apply for overtime so i want to try prosper but this minuete i have a savings account with the credit union. Do i have to get a checking account or will a savings account do? . the reason i am asking is a checks take about a two weeks and of course i have my pay to delete letters out and pending and i have one creditor that i is ready to take the deal in writing. I won’t be able to apply for overtime until the end of next week so i am wondering if a savings account will do and how hard is prosper if your score is under 600. Any suggestions for a good post? By the way i have another interview with another retail store for a second gig and this one sounds promising!! Hopefully i will be able to work the second job and overtime to get out of my own mess! Serious help please as always!! thanks!@!
i need to know exactly if a savings account can be used if no checking accunt

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