can you fall back in love?

My husband has put other women above me many times. I’m at that point where I’m numb. He realizes it. Last night he was crying and asked me not to leave him. My point is, I think this is similar to getting cheated on. He has put me down so many times to build other women up that, in the process, I think I fell out of love. I don’t think it is completely gone or I wouldn’t care. But I want to love him again and believe him when he compliments me. I don’t want to feel so numb to him.

How do I repair this? I feel resentment and I don’t want to. even worse, and I hate to admit this, even anonymously, but my guy friends are always telling me how hot I am. I’m not saying that to brag, I’m just saying that he doesn’t say it. My friends do. And I feel closer to them than I do to my own husband. They lift me up while he puts me down. My one friend said to me, “I think you don’t realize how attractive you are. You need to give yourself more credit.” That’s when it hit me how long I’ve been being put down.

This is wordy. I apologize.

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