Can you example to me why people thought their new Mc Mansion homes were going to be worth more?

I don’t understand the thinking behind it. If you have one of these cheap new house made by non-union illegal immigrants why would it be worth MORE money after you live in it. My friend had her giant house build for $ 280,000 as well as everyone in that area. People after living there for two years tried to sell them for $ 450,000 not adding or fixing anything. I view a new home like a new car- unless you do something amazing to it- it goes down in value not up since you lived in it, dirtied the house up… wear and tear. Well, my friend was laughing because the builders put a new sign up that says build your dream home for $ 350,000 including in-ground pool and deck! Everyone house is now NOT for sale.

I understand that over years of time that house values go up…. or if you buy a dump and fix it from the ground up but why did people think these new homes were investments?

Also don’t people notice that if their house is built poorly by immigrant labor that there house isn’t going to last 10 years. One development by my mother the house have decreased by half of what they paid for the homes 6 years ago because the siding is actually falling off the house and they homes are caving in from bad construction.

( I am 31 and we are buying a new home which is 200 years old in NJ and we found out that down the street they are building Mc Mansions a mile from us. Yes, that is Mc Mansion like Mc Donalds; cause Mc Donalds is not a real dinner just like these new homes are not real masions.)
I don’t dislike anyone- I just don’t believe in illegal labor- I believe in using union labor and supporting america. I know someone who works for one of these companies and he talks about how the ilegall workers don’t care and just slap the stuff together. He told me a person house was off by 5 inches and they just slapped wood in it and put a 100 nails in it to hold it together.

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