Can we make an appeal after judge dismissed a case because of statute of limitation?

I went to court(Mortgage Fraud) today for hearing because defendant’s lawyer tried to dismiss my case because of statue of limitation.
Nov/2006 I received letter from a lender that said” Your monthly payment will be increased” After the notice I went to mortgage broker and tried to get an opinion.He suggested me to refinance my loan and I agreed. He ask me to bring a full documents from title company to refinance and I did. In that documents I found someone forged my signature,changed interviews name and inflated appraiser value etc. It was Mar/2007. After investigation I confirmed mortgage fraud and I decided to file a lawsuit against Mortgage Broker, Title Company, and Lender in Dec/2008. Judge said “You received Notice from the Lender in Nov/2006, therefore you should have known that there was a fraud occurred.You are just one month late. Dismiss the case.
Everyone has a different opinion. But in this case, who would say “oh my god this is a fraud” after receiving a letter about changing mortgage payment.
Question is – Do we have a chance to appeal?
I am in Virginia.

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