Can we continue with our mortgage company to hell, they are us.?

Our mortgage company wants to arm our mortgage to a fixed mortgage again. They foreclosed on us trying sheriff sale of our home several times. We were in bankruptcy. We told the court why they foreclosed on us but when they sent the papers for something else that was Forclosure for unpaid interest of approximately 1 yr.prior summer. We will be able to show the unpaid interest is not true when we have our bank and telephone records. They even tried to fund a loan for the loan to us by cutting $ 30 ooo.oo at a fixed rate, but it was inlawful sell the house at the same they foreclosed on. Now they are ready to $ 70,000.00 at low fixed price again when we want. This should fix our credit. I know it sounds ungrateful of us. But hell, they have us and our children through and tried to find apartments in our area, not to change schools, unable to even buy a used car or buy fuel for our oven at home, my grip on the patent children’s sports and music.

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