Can unpaid rent be added into a debt consolidation plan I have?

Unfortunately this time last year I was made redundant.. I’ve managed to get temp jobs here + there to keep me kind of going. I now have a new job permanant job, with a steady income, and in less than 2 weeks time, am moving into my new home.. A home my friend has bought, but I’m renting the other room.

I’m sorting out consolidating the debt I aquired whilst unemployed.. Credit card, overdrafts, unpaid phone contracts, unpaid internet contract, unpaid Ebay bills.. The lot. It only totals less than 2K, so it’s not THAT bad. I HAVE to consolidate it, as it’s the only way to freeze the interest, as it’s now gone into default, which means I can no longer confer with the banks over a repayment plan. It’s pay it all bank now in one lump, or consolidate it thru a debt company.

Basically I owe 2 months rent on the house I’m moving out of.. Can this type of debt be added to the consolidation plan? It’s been passed to a debt collection agency, so I assume so? Or can they be mean, and take the unpaid rent out of the other tenants deposit?? I’m really worried!!

Need some debt advice.

The house is rented through an estate agents, not privately.

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