Can someone please help me corect this i’ll give 10pts?

This is for a police report i need to write about racist security that harrased me. and my cousin on my own property. The correcting will start under the stars please!.


My mom had told hudson we needed his assitance since there was a car parked in our own parking spot. He never came over it took him like at least three hours, and three tries calling im to come over all he will say is “i’ll be there In a second”.

Security Hudson said the following tihngs: “I beat the shit out a mexican for crashing into my truck the other for not having insurance”, and my cousin asked security hudson if he was going to take pictures of him since he was taking pictures of the damage in the car and hudson replied “No i’m not the gang task force”, and when he asked my cousin how did he get his car registration without a california i.d my cousin said because i wasn’t born here then hudson laughed then he replied “Yeah there’s no way my mom that’s the head in chief at the dmv in hayward would let a mexican register the car without a CA i.d.”. Then minutes later i called my mom to come down to see how racist he was, and as soon as my mom came down to the garage and asked hudson wat’s wrong he replied in a loud manner “What do you mean what’s wrong”, and then he said take this up wiith the police and he left. Minutes later hudson, and two police officers came inside our condo and we told hudson to leave and he wouldn’t want to leave until i got really upset about it and then he left our condo and once my mom asked im if it was true about the racist tings he said, and he replied “no’, and made a face like he know nothing about it.

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