Can someone give me some more information on Income Based Repayment?

While I am very happy about this new way to reduce the amount of payments each month for student loans, I am still somewhat confused as to how it all works. For example, I did the calculator and according to the guidelines as long as a person makes UNDER 26,000 a yr. their payment is 0. How does the gov. plan on ever getting these loans paid back. Also, what happens if a person gets on SSI disability and only get 674 a month. Cant you pretty much say that the gov. gets stiffed in this one. I know several who say they will take it out of social security, but the way things are going in this country, there will be NO social security. So if this occurs how does the gov. get the money back for these student loans. I left college in 2010 and have abou 19,000 in student debt. Because I worked part time last yr. I have no payments and this will continue on for some time. I know interests builds up but IBR seems to allude actually having to pay student loans back?

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