Can someone explain this, please?

This is not sarcasm. I saw this ad on the Yahoo homepage:

Homeowners: Fixed rates dropped. $ 200,000 for only $ 1,074/mo. Fixed. No SSN required. LendingTreeĀ® Quickmatch

Can anyone explain to me how, under any circumstances, it is possible to establish a homeowners mortgage in this country without even having a Social Security number?
Living as we do, where even your car insurance payments are influenced by your credit rating (based on your SSN), how can any lending agency offer credit to non-citizens, who would seem have no SSN and to be non-taxpaying (Don’t you have to have a SSN to pay income tax?)?
Is it any wonder our lending agencies are belly-up?
So how does bailing them out help us, the taxpayers of this country?

Really, is there an explanation how and why lending agencies can make loans like this, especially right now?
Wow, you folks are good! So many answers so fast. Good ones, too. Please keep going.
Do any of you feel as flummoxed as I do?
Enter name here, your theory is as good as mine!
Thank you all for your answers. Now, let me try to pick one. Thanks a lot, everyone.

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