Can someone explain this email to me? Has anyone gotten similar emails?

Subject: Praising Humans vs Praising God

Message: Hi there,
Two stories

My Mom went years ago for her physical at age 51 on a Monday. They took an X-Ray. Was called on Tuesday to come back Wednesday as a spot was found on Monday’s test. Wed’s 2 X-rays (side and front) confirmed the spot not to be a blemish on the x-ray.

Hospital procedure on done on Fridays to check this out – plans set for earliest at 6 wks out. When she got home phone was ringing – cancelation this Friday – want it? YES

Had prayer at church for her on Wed nite.

She got to hosp on Fri and had 6 x-rays done to confirm the spots location – light would be used first to see it – then actual surgery to open her up and remove it when seen.

*the 6 x-rays were clear! – STAT – need 3 other X-rays from Mon & Wed!! NOW!
using those 3 x-rays, they ran the light down into the area – all clean and clear. Well, since she’s knocked out – we will ‘wash’ her lungs and have that analyzed. Clear also.

I praised God for what He did in my Mom’s body.
story two
next door neighbor loved motorcycles
He was riding with his 7 yr old son on the back and his 16 yr old on another cycle less than a mile from the house.
16 yr old turning abruptly and dad hit him.
7 yr old got a broken arm – Dad got a concussion – needed brain surgery – touch and go for a few days.

Much prayer from their church & our church.
Two weeks later, he left the hospital. Wife said, you need to Praise God for healing you.
He said Why? God had nothing to do with it.
to be cont

Subject: Praising God #2 (read other first)

Message: He said WHY Praise God – it was the doctors who healed me. God had nothing to do with it.

After a month, he went back to work – all seemed well. Three months later he started getting into arguments and nearly fights at work. Boss noticed a pattern and asked to have him evaluated – seems he had regressed to a third grader intelligence level.

Doctors worked with him and the boss kept giving him easier and easier assignments until they ran out of easy – he could not do anything useful and the doctors were not helping. He was let go – his wife left him –
and less than three years later – he was dead at 45. (just died)
two true stories of next door neighbors
we bought our land from them – and they borrowed my dad’s plans to build their house
( they flipped the design and moved one wall)
same builder for both houses

we had been there 15 years when this happened – so we knew them well

now you see why I praise God

thank you for your question

I haven’t posted questions of this kind. Why is this person emailing me all this crap? Is this normal? I usually get the people trying to convert me, or the ones who want to debate. But I have not idea how to react to this, which btw, came out of nowhere.

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