Can she take me to Small Claims Court? (Cincinnati/N.KY)?

My ex girlfriend and I bought a house together 4-5 years ago, we re-fied 3 years ago for extra monies for around the house, had a lawsuit with a landscape company and settled, they made check out to both of us. She tells me in April she met someone else last Oct./Nov. I decide to move, find out I was not on re-fi loan so I am not financially responsible, file quit claim deed, close the account for $ 6500. Now she wants the money and says will take me to small claims for half. She now has mortgage, she can’t afford alone, a re-fi due and will owe more than what it’s worth so a hike in rates, and a house she will not be able to sell. Also, she took all my baseball memorabilia because I had closed account. Police said that’s the risk of joint accounts, first one to the money wins. I did get back my memorabilia though. But she gets house, all the equity, most all furniture, plus one of my dogs and now wants half the money, plus I gave her $ 900 to help for May. What else do I owe her?
Actually she told me in March about her “new” friend, not April.

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