can paying my mortgage loan on time help my credit score…and other financial questions…?

ok…so last time I checked my credit score (about four months ago) it was 609. I do have a few debts from my past. All the debt I owe adds up to $ 1500.00. I plan to pay this off soon, but just haven’t got the money yet. Everything I owe dates from two years ago and later. nothing recent. Well, I got a loan for my trailer with a co-signer two months ago. Have made my payments ontime. Well, will this help my credit score at all? How long will it take to help out? I just recently wrecked my car and I got $ 2000 for it totaled. I need a good reliable car so I can go back to work. I need a car loan BADLY!!! Not much maybe 9-10K at the most but definitely willing to take even lower than that! I would go as low at $ 4500-$ 5000. I have two kids and really can’t get some cheap car that’ll break down next month. How can I get an auto loan with a credit score of 609. Do you figure it’s gone up any since four months ago? Please help!!! I am 21 and should know more about this stuff, but I have no clue about the whole credit and loans thing. Any info would be EXTREMELY helpful! Thanks again! Take care everyone and God bless!
ok I never told any of you the debt so…I HAVE NO CREDIT CARDS!!! also ALL of my debt comes from 1. when I was pregnant with my daughter I had medicaid to cover all expenses. I was also on my mom’s insurance but it wouldn’t cover me beign pregnant so i got medicaid. i kept have probs with medicaid paying and would get bills and have to call medicaid and say “hey you need to pay this bill” and they’d do it. well some of my last bills I kept putting off and forgot to tell them about so now it is up to me to pay. they are 2 years old and i doubt med pays now. then 2. i had an iphone and lost it. I kept looking for it instead of reporting it, so when someone else found it I had to pay the charges they ran up. My fault completely, but don’t tell me not to buy somethign I can’t afford. My debt has nothign to do with that! thanks to everyone though. FYI That isn’t supposed to be as rude as it looks lol!
Oh and I don’t mind a high interest rate…also did I mention the $ 2k I have right now? that’s the down payment!!! anyways…just thougth I’d add

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