Can our agent still represent us if we want a house previously viewed before she began to help us?

My hubby and I have been house shopping for about 8 months we just decided to have someone help us about 2 weeks ago.. we found a girl we really like and we actually just found a house we love! But not knowing the terms and conditions of our loan we found out we have to pay taxes and insurance monthly instead of annually which was the deal breaker for us on our price range.. we was originally looking at 100 grand and in the country but since country is so out of reach because of our new found monthly payments we had to back out of a offer on a home that we found (sad) and start looking in town.. we found a house a couple months back and have already looked at it (in town) and we are now considering buying it its 25000 cheaper and much more in our price range it was a foreclosure and the realitor took it over painted carpet ect and is now turning his money on it.. however I don’t feel comfortable making an offer on a home when im making an offer to the owner and I trust our realitors advice.. but since he has already showed us the property I don’t know if he will allow our realitor to come in and now basically show us again and help us make the offer.. I called him and we have an appointment to see it again tomorrow at 9 30 am and our realitor will not be with us.. should I cancel and call her and tell her we want to see it with her help? Will he allow this to happen since he has already showed us the property? I’m not really sure how all this works.. Thanks

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