Can my mother make a claim to “total” her home (trailer)?

My mom is living in a trailer her now ex-boyfriend convinced her would be a great idea. Now- it’s falling apart. There are at least 4 occurances of total sub-floor failure, the roof is leaking, it has gotten shifted in windstorms, and god only knows the horror show underneath- damage we aren’t seeing.

A friend of mine suggested claiming the mobile home as a complete loss on her homeowners insurance.

Can anyone give any guidance on if this is a good idea- she is scared to talk to her agent for fear he will drop coverage on the place. So I want to make sure she is informed.

Any help is appreciated.

State is Missouri- and there is no one specific event. It’s just falling apart.
Upkeep has been attempted but as she was laid off a year and a half ago- she can’t afford the repairs that need to be done. Neither can I.

Repairs have been done as best as they can, I fear its not enough.
jesus christ. I enjoy everyone acting as though I am trying to commit insurance fraud.

I have seen cases of houses falling into disrepair just due to the houes being beyond the ability to repair. Much like a car. And heard of cases of houses being “totalled”

Apparently its much more fun to attack and accuse me or my mother of trying to commit fraud.

I’m just trying to investigate possibilities.

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