Can my husband still get a mortgage loan if my credit is bad?

My husbands credit score is over 700. Can he get a mortgage loan without using my information to achieve the loan. I currently am significantly behind on my mortgage and trying to work with my bank in resolving this issue. My husband is not on my mortgage or the title as I bought this property way before we ever started dating. We actually do not have any accounts with each other. That means no credit cards, loans, or even bank accounts. The only thing that our names link us together are our tax returns and marriage certificate. He wants to purchase a house in his name only and since we live in a community property state we were not sure if this would be possible since I have bad debt, and if it would hinder him from doing so. Plus on a sad note he is wanting to purchase a house because we are getting separated. Please let me know if anyone knows anything to help me.

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