Can lenders collect on a mortgage deficiency judgement in South Carolina if I refuse to pay?

I am moving to South Carolina for work, but my mortgage company might stick me with a deficiency judgement from my current home in Michigan with an 80/20 mortgage. From what I have found, South Carolina prohibits wage garnishment from lenders except for things like child support and student loans.

I’ve asked this question before about campers, trailers, permanent sites at a camping ground in South Carolina.

I am doing alot of research here and many of my feedbacks have been negative about any bank or financial institute even considering a 2nd mortgage or loan to purchase one of these so called trailers in a campground.

I also am getting negative feedbacks on the resale value on these structures.

Anyone know, or how to go about looking for a reputable lender in South Carolina? I am in North Carolina and my broker does not know anyone nor does he have any advice for me on this situation. He told me to check in South Carolina.

So, here I am asking you.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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