Can I use the mortgage bank that qualifies me for a mortgage to complain?

When me and my husband bought our house where we were ahead for the procurement process. We found a mortgage company, which to qualify for a mortgage, we’re just happy to finally have our house, needless to say, two years later, we wanted to refinance our house and we see that we have a second mortgage (a 80/20) do we explained at the time said nothing. Is what I can make them legally?
I am interested in buying land to set a Tumbleweed house on it. You can see the model I want (used worldwide) at: http://www.tumbleweedhouses.comMeine questions are: 1 Can you get a mortgage for one of these? Would it be possible for you to consolidate the purchase of land in the house? (I’m not sure how to really work mortgages) .2. The site is called “green” credit, but I do not see these offered for the renewal or refinancing. Can I buy a ready-ahead to one of these homes? 3 By chance, someone must live in one of these little houses? Thank you.

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