Can I use my high DTI by rolling a debt to the new mortgage?

Husband and I have a DTI of 19% without a mortgage, but 46% of the mortgage that we want. That’s because car loans and MTP MBA students (at 2.275%). It is not really a chance for a new ’03 BMW or Rover on the market today w / o to unload a lot of negative equity. The asking price for the home is $ 359K and the contribution is $ 390K. Can you take a loan at $ 390K, money and pay the $ 30K BMW? If yes, you can use a VA loan (husband is a veterinarian)? We know that we can afford the new mortgage, because we pay for that on our current home – but because of the market, we are probably just enough to repay our existing loans. Thank you for your Beratung.Wir have a retail price of $ 390K would be $ 30K back to the seller at the closing rate. I did 10 years at a $ 5K buyer at closing, where I paid $ 5K more than the prices of my request.

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