Can I try two different mortgage companies to give me a loan at the same time?

Im trying to get a mortgage. I was previously approved by 5 different locations. A few weeks later I found my dream home. Well, if it really is time to tell the man on my mortgage, Weichert Financial me he was not sure if his case. Can I start another company to finance me. He said that if he can not do when you can, but I do not think so. I know that banks are sucked, but we’re making decent money and have no debt. Then it will break anything when I start looking elsewhere. In the other not on a pre-appoval. I’m looking for a Darlehen.Bitte can say do not call me for a loan. I want a company with an office next to mir.Mazziatplay — In fact, I only asked if two different companies can apply for a loan at the same time on research. I work on my credit card for over a year I got injured at work and had to leave. Now that all our debts, including medical expenses, we try to increase our guests. Meanwhile, our landlord is selling our place and we must leave. That’s why we buy a little earlier than we do. So before you someone who perhaps you could say WAKE UP regardless of the feeling someone. I am not fully aware of the mortgage law. I know how much research I can, but unfortunately there are a number of lenders, the hopes of the people, just to get a sale.

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