Can I sue my Mortgage company for mental anguish, and loss of my job as a result?

I have been to court with their attorneys to keep my condo. I am now in a foreclosure status, and have been fighting with them for approx 2 years now. I did the whole “trial Mortgage” and here it is a year later (the “trial” should have only been for 3 months). I have been making the payments during the trial period on time as requested. Now they are telling me I am in foreclosure status, and they have returned my check for this month- indicating that they will not take a personal check on a foreclosure. The letter also said there was not enough funds in the bank account, and that letter came the same day that the statement from the bank came showing that the funds were available for them to take the funds. I have had to go to the state Attorney General for assistance in the past when they said they did not get my paperwork they had requested, however, I had proof that my fax was successful – showing the date and time it was sent.
Meanwhile, my company I worked for was going through some changes, and one of the criteria that they were evaluating us on was our job performance (which is normal). However, I had the first negative review of my entire career at the company (14 years), and as a result I was laid off when it came time to reduce numbers. My job has been outsourced.
I feel that if I had not been going through the ordeal with the Mortgage company, that I would have had a better performance review, because I would have been able to concentrate better, and may not have been laid off. There are several people from my department that are still there. I was one of 5 let go- out of 14 from my team.
I should tell you the reason I fell behind in the first place was because I had to have surgery, and lost two months salary while I was recuperating. This is how it began.
There are other factors that also add to this.

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