Can I sue a mortgage bank Wells Fargo for pre-qualifying me and make me loose time, money and energies?

I was pre-qualified. On my mortgage consultant advise, I traveled out of state to find the house. I found it and have a contract that was given an extension. I spent money and time on appraisal, inspection, house insurance, hotel, gas, etc. A day before the suppossed closing day the title company has not been funded as per their instructions. The Wells Fargo mortgage consultant has kept me for over 60 days assuring me that everything is fine and the loan looks good. I even called the Vice President’s office of the company and was told that according to them, I was denied almost two months ago, then two new loans were opened on my behalf, but I didn’t even know anything but only that “everything is going well.”

I do believe that my mortgage consultant have been negligent with obtaining a final approval for the loan. I blame her because she has all my paperwork, charged me for the home appraisal and inspection, besides I already paid for the homeowner’s insurance for a whole year.

Saturday night I had to be admitted to a hospital here in Florida because the stress level almost caused me a heart attack. I am diabetic and do not need any extra worries right now.
Since I had a contract that was extended with the mortgage bank appoval and I have spent my money, Can I sue them for lack of integrity, false promises and unjustified use of my money?

Can someone advise me?

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