can I sue a contractor??

Can I sue my contractor for breach off contract, everdry of ST louis?
Hello, i hired everdry waterproofing to waterproof my basement, and right from the start it has been one problem after another..they botched the job as well as didnt finish the job, and the owner of the company has asked my wife and I to sign a completion form about 4 times. I have pics, vid tape and audio phone call recordings as well, it seems i have to take the workers around and show them what to do and what needs done.(I am not a waterproofer) thats why i hired proffesionals..
I have tried to get this company to do this job right from the get go..hell they dont even clean up after them selfs, we even had the sales man Bernie Zarnesky (phone 1216-543-1230)mislead us and we even gave him 200 for a deposit in which he stole 190 of it, wrote on the contract we gave him a $ 10 deposit (and the company is aware of his doings)
also works for OHIO STATE WATERPROOFING 1800 800-9818
plus other issues, like damages to water lines on March
31st at about 9:15 am, 15 min afater they arrived on the job. They didnt even call a plummer to fix it,
My wife had to when she arrived home at 12:30, she called a plummer, and he arrived at about 5:30pm or so, He was done at about 7pm, that cost 380, out of my pocket
cuz everydry didnt make arrangements for payment to the
plummer, also later that nite I went to take a shower and there wasnt any hot water, one of the valves the workers
turned off was to tight, and when i tried to turn it on it broke, so that nite we had no hot water, and heat cuz the also turned the furnace off, why did they turn it off, i have no idea, well the next a plummer shows up again to fix the valve, 317 buck out of my pocket again. total
that cost me 697 out of my pocket, Everdry eventully paid me back on april 10th.. over a week later.
The next day April 1st
they bust up concrete and lay down the pipe
then on april 3rd, the workers claim they are done and want a completeion form signed, I told they are not done, they
still have do this and that and clean up..
that night it rained, thier system failed, I had almost 2 inches of water in my basement, more then i had before they ever started, well seeems they forgot to install a waffle plate, Friday April 4th Jan the forman or production leader came out to look at the mess, he just stood around and said the concrete has to be busted up again because they didnt put the waffle plate in the system, the he pulled out a completion form for me to sign again. I said HELL NO, you arent done this place is a wreck. Jay said I agree and He wouldnt sign it either if it was his home.. the next week I found out he was no longer there..

On April 8th everydry came back and busted up the concrete to install a waffle plate. They were also supposed to bring a check for the plumming but didnt.
and the worker again asked for me again to sign a completion form, I said NO again your not done.
they also forgot or didnt install the waffle plate on one wall and it still leaks..

On April 10th Steve from everydry come out to look at the situation, after many calls to him, and OHIO State waterprofing. I showed him around, and he wrote us a check, and then asked us to sign a completion form again.
I told him NO.. I shown him the way they left it, and what they did and didnt do on the inside and outside,they left a ditch they dug up, it was partully uncovered , but wasnt covered enough with dirt, it was like a ditch outside of my basement, letting water lots of water flow into this ditch and down into my fondation (now i have a crack about 3/4 the legnth of the wall) and they still havent filled in all the other cracks ..ect.. there is much more..
.. all i hear are promises to fix the job right, but all i get is a run around, this company also claims
to me associated with NARI,NAWSRC,BIA,HBA and approved for work from the FHA and HUD, and they arent. Steve the owner says he will make everything right, but hasnt, 3 out 5 of his workers have DUIs and can not drive, they are unexperienced, with less then a yr on the job, the forman (chad 1314-392-1708) is still in training according to himself. and all the workes were in thier early 20s if that.. the whole job was unsuppervised.. I called everdry from the 1st day they were here with quality concerens, so far they had to most jobs twice.. didnt clean up after themselfs and my home, yard and basement are a mess.. everdry keeps saying they are done, but they arent. According to the contract, the cracks in my walls are supposed to filled in, they didnt even touch one side of the home, and just a few cracks on the other. Steve askes me everyday to sign the completion papers, I keep saying NO. Also this whole thing was supposed to be done in 3 to 4 days, they started march 31st, and today is April 13th,and its still not done..

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