Can I stop payment and return a used car I purchased 6 days ago and it broke down?

I live in Florida bought a 99 Chevy Blazer with 105,xxx miles using my credit card for $ 3,800. I purchased it “as is” and 6 days later it broke down. I have contacted the dealer and made attempts to fix the vehicle. There was water in the oil and it needs a new head gasket. They gave me a quote saying the repair would cost $ 1,700 and they would pay half of it. I am a student and I have a one year old son, I do not have $ 850 to pay for the other half. I am considering returning the vehicle using my mastercard rights and disputing the charge, because I am unsatisfied with the quality of it. The salesman told me it was a good car and it would be great for my family. What are my chances of getting my money back and not getting sued? Will false advertising help?
On another note I already contacted the credit card company and they advised me to get documentation that I was leaving the car at the dealership, and they would send me papers to fill out to finish the dispute and it would take up to 15 days to complete. I have not gone through with that yet, but it is going to be my last resort. Do you think they are just going through the process, because I asked or is there a chance they will get my money back?

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