Can I roll closing costs into my mortgage?

I approved a mortgage loan before 90k. My mortgage company told me I’m ready for a FHA. In conclusion I would come to about $ 4,500.00. Is it possible to be able to add $ 4500.00 on my mortgage? I do not want to pay out of pocket.
I closed on a mortgage loan in March 2007. My lender inadvertently did not request a copy of a check stub made during the lender underwriting Prozesses.Der this error when trying to sell my loan to a group of investors. They say they can not sell it until I get my loan this information. They whirl and I am not obliged to provide this information at the time, lenders generally do not service loans and they say they could not service as well as the investor (an investor known in mortgages) have amEinerseits think I should send them right to help a stub. However, this case. 1 day later, when I closed my loan and my rate lock expires, they charge me a fee to relock.Außerdem my advice I’m not sure if there are problems that I am not including. Any advice is needed.

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