Can I refinance my mortgage with 203k FHA or is it only for new owners?

I was told by Quicken Loans that a 203k FHA was only for new home owners or purchases and done before movein but for someone like who me owns a house and wants to refinance to pay for house renovation (and sell immediately), am I eligible? I applied for HELOC and Equity loan but due to an issue with a repair that is needed, I have feelings my house will not appraise at full market value. But I need the loan to fix it but if it doesn’t appraise high enough to get a good LTV ratio, then not enough equity and value to get the loan. Catch 22!!!

203k will look at FINISHED value after the renovation but im wondering if its possible to get for a refinance?
That’s not an option to rehab slowly. This was damage to the house that occurred after the purchase due to bad luck that requires fixing if we need to sell. I’m in no mans land where we dont have enough equity to cash out and not enough cash to fix. Loan to fix it will boost the house back up to market value or higher which will allow me to repay the loan. It’s a circle that goes round and round.

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