Can I refinance my house?

I bought a house 31st October 2008 and locked in my rate of 6.125% for 30 years, the loan was 207,740 and I pay $ 1,268 per month for my mortgage of $ 84 for PMI. Rate it now appears in the bottom 5%, that means I missed my chance OBV these principles I have no share in the loan yet built. This is an FHA loan by the way, I only have 3% down. Is there a time when I refinance? I need to wait a year? The flat estimated $ 215,000 was, I bought it for 208 000 … but I think the first year, the banks, the purchase price, not to use the evaluation price if the cost of housing, especially when I just bought. .. Let me know if theres anything I can do my loan is with Wells Fargo

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