Can I get loan with my fiance? It has good credit, good paying job, my low credit score low income?

We are committed and want to merge our families and life. He owns a house and uses it as rental income. It has pre-approved for a second mortgage at 220k. He has a good credit history, the score of 750 and is 70k. The house is like we are about 280k. I just credit and do 18k per year. I have a student loan I make payments on my car will be paid in three months and pay bad debts, but I still have a low value of about 400 What can I do to help us to a house? Will someone check my income and my income is sufficient to cover the additional loan, we need to get 60k for a house? We have a deposit and we have a cusion of savings. A child is paid in full school of culinary arts and the other at JR COLLAGE to know what to study how he will pay, we decided … The third is in the fall and the resources they need in a savings account STAR. My Bad credit is due to an accident, I was a few years ago I had so many medical expenses for my insurance. I DO NOT FLOW credit card debt is my car payments and pay my tuition on time. Some of you are rude …. If you do not RUDE RESPONSE. THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO can really be stable AS advise how I can make it true. Moreover, the house is not NY DREAM HOUSE … its small and in a safe place with a room for us and two to three adult children closely. At the moment I pay $ 1,800 for rent and he does not rent costs $ 800 MAKE IT ‘S purchase decision point.

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