Can I get a mortgage with bad credit with the following circumstances.?

Here are my circumstances:

Transunion: 567, Esperian: 537, Equifax: 582

Annual income before taxes: 39,000, I have worked for a year

I own a home: $ 479 a month taxes included
I have had 8- 30 day late payments in 2 years

I have no other debt monthly, making my debt to income ratio 85/15 (I’m pretty sure)

I paid off my car, no late payments last two years.

I paid off my Providian credit card no late payments past 2 years

I have college loans in deferment until 2008, I’m currently working on my MBA

Now the bad news:

I have had 3 derogatory accounts, that I have just currently paid off, 2 were credit cards, one was a medical bill that never made it to collections I don’t think, so they haven’t been factored into my credit score yet as being settled.

I dont have any credit cards and all I pay a month is $ 479 on my house that I have owned for about 3-4 years.

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