Can I get a mortgage with a credit score 585?

I look forward to my fathers house in my name, he left me and my credit score is not in good terms? Over the last 2 years I paid my debt to everyone, so I do not owe anything, but there are 2 problems.1 I need to open loans or credit cards only witch card from Macy’s and still in progress and they have just moved my limit of $ 200 to $ 2000. 2 – I gotta try before many loans and credit cards and has recently sought to improve my credit card, but now I refused so many questions? So I do not know if I will not be able to get a mortgage? But I do not know if the mortgage company will not have a problem, he refinanced in my name because my father has disappeared? Please do let me know if anyone has an idea? I am 27yrs old I f / t work in the same job for 4 years and make $ 40K per year. I live in MassachusettsIch no pension or bankruptcy or judgments. Simply load compromise are only $ 40K in the mortgage market and their value at $ 150K-$ 200K, so I’m looking forward to a new mortgage in my name or the refinancing of existing mortgage to get my name?
I plan in my house for 10 years to stay on (at least). I am currently about 2.5 years at a fixed rate mortgage of 30 years, $ 200K mortgage at 6.625%. I have a major additional payment of $ 300 per month, so my current main is to think of these 190K.Ich, refinancing years@5.125 30. I want to make a point and closing costs of about $ 4,500 (unfortunately I’m in Massachusetts) that I could also apply a credit facility of approximately 194.5K (or I could pay the closing costs in cash) to finanzieren.Wie do I know if I keep my existing mortgage and pay $ 300 per month (or more) additional capital, refinance only, or renew and pay the additional capital (which allowed me to even pay over $ 300 with further payment below)? are there any benefits to pay for closing cash relative to their funding? into a new mortgage that is confusing. The comments, in which direction mortgage rates may be in the coming months? (I know. Lol Stupid question.)

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