Can I get a loan at 100% non-VA loan to refinance a VA?

I am eligible for VA financing, I have an existing mortgage of $ 360,000, which I am in a VA refinance loan. Can I get a 100% Refi? This can be Nordkalifornien.Außerdem there are caps on how much you earn? Are there limits on the amount you borrow? Dank.Dies is the rate and term btw, no cash aus.Nun Maria, this is not an answer to my question is? It is completely unnecessary. I did not ask you to evaluate my financial situation, the question of “if” something could be done. If you must know, my current rate is now 8.875%, VA loans go to 6.0% without PMI and funding costs of 2.15%. A major difference per month! Now you will answer my simple question or not, you know the answer? Your profile says you are a subscriber VA and whether someone would you be sure if your credentials are valid …

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