Can I get a contract to buy a house when the bank refuses to finance?

Wife and I buy a house in Virginia and signed the contract, signed on the endorsement for inspection and then were eventually banned both the mortgage insurance and mortgage problems in the value of your home ( The bank said the property was overvalued, in spite of the evaluation will agree on the purchase price). We talked to vendors, we are no longer wanted to buy a home is the value of problem (3 dfft before the house was very different from the figures). seller’s lawyer sent a letter implied contract, and we must try to get another loan. The agreement provides for “a buyer must diligent efforts to obtain a loan lender (not the lenders). When we tried to get a loan, and it was forbidden, the seller does not have to use against us? Sales Agent Earnest debate that says we can not cancel the contract, simply because we do not want to buy a house, which stipulates that the bank has been wrongly assessed. We have reminded them that we were denied a bank loan. They argue that because my wife knows a professional loan officer (there is also a realtor), we need to try another lender loan difft. vendor’s lawyer says that because he spoke directly to the assessor if the bank had raised the value of insurers, there is collusion hindaja.Oleme become a lawyer, but he did not have the answers for us. We panicked b / c we sold our current house that we were really in love with other property and closed quickly. We do not currently live at home, and maybe go to the apartment of our baby girl! Seller lawyer warned us not to get another contract kodus.Emissioonikorraldaja denied funding based on property values that they believe the price was too high. We are writing to the bank, and the refusal of a certificate of mortgage insurance co. before the refusal of the insurer and the property unaffordable. That’s what we told the salesman, “the bank and insurance is a problem with the value of” vendor financing offer, need more money down, we were not satisfied with the supply and has dropped, we do not have enough attny raha.Müüja argues that we are not satisfied with care, looking for another source of another loan, even if we went, even though the bank and the bank refused the loan because sellrKui approved, I do not understand how you can contact the seller. They argue that using my wife’s house in the mortgage people are imperfect and do not care. Are they forcing us to consider another loan? Brokerage (office represented the seller and woman!) Recommended that the selling agent to sign the release. They ignored the request teda.Tänu much!

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