Can i file taxes without mortgage loan statement?

I haven’t received the mortgage loan statement from the company yet and it doesn’t seem like they are in any hurry to get it to us and i just keep getting the run around when i try to call the IRS (machine after machine after machine to endless on hold). i know the mortgage is a big part of my tax return as it is every year but its past the deadline and the mortgage company is holding me up, so i was wondering if i could file my taxes and just omit this information regarding the mortgage and be okay.
or maybe use the information regarding the mortgage from last years return? i don’t know i just need to file my taxes because my child needs my returns for his fafsa and its penalizing him because i haven’t filed yet.
I appreciate any feedback and help because im really in a bind here.
im not contacting the irs about the statement i tried to contact them just to see if i could file without the statement i know i need to contact the mortgage company itself which i did.

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