can i completely sue my parents?

My parents own a house close to London – it is worth a lot of money- aprox 300 000. They have added my sister to the legal contract so she owns 1/3 of the house ( long story – but she stills lives at home at age 43 !)
I have asked my parents to – on my behalf- take a loan for 25000 – to be paid back in 6 months. It is for my first mortgage and things are easier if you put down a big deposit. It is through a solicitor with contract etc. so the money will be officially owned to them. And they will be paid back when I re- finance the home loan.
They have refused ……
My sister is able to go to any bank and take out a loan for 150 000 – 200 000 as she is part owner of the house – and I can’t do anything.
Please help – I am considering getting a solicitor to look into this – is it worth it ??

I am on good terms with my parents and I am the favourite daughter etc etc – so I am quite surprised by this .

Can I do anything
This case should be worth a lot of money, so if they dont have it, how can I collect my award ?

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