Can I collect unemployment if I quit a 100% commission job in New Jersey?

I have been a mortgage loan officer for the last 13 years and always made a good living. 4 months ago I started with a new company because my previous employer failed to provide leads anymore and I was no longer able to make money there. Now with the new company, leads are there but I can’t seem to bring any deals in. I receive a minimum wage “draw” that has to be paid back with my commissions. Well, I now owe the company about $ 3,000 in draw money with no sign of commissions to pay this back. It will just keep adding up the longer I stay here. Because of this, my once excellent credit is starting to decline. I can no longer afford my mortgage payment, creditcard , etc… I work 9 hours a day, plus my drive to work is almost an hour each way which makes it difficult to find time to look for other jobs. I want to quit so that I can look for other work, but I want to know if I’ll be able to collect unemployment in the meantime so that I can survive. Anybody have the answer for me?
*** I am a w2 employee (not 1099’d) and I’ve been paying unemployment taxes my whole life

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