Can I claim for distress, punitive damages and attorney’s fees?

First of all I want to tell me this is the first time I post a forum on this site, I hope I was right to start this bekommen.Um I hurt myself on my work at the Mon 22nd February 2010. I was lifting 70 pounds a piece of metal, and when I was picking it up, I sneeze. (I know, sneeze, but it happens) it hurts like hell on earth for about half an hour my boss know, the bottom of the report of the wise does not file an injury, and woke up the next morning unable to get out of bed. Then when I finally get to be able for my cell phone, 3 hours later, called the monitor tax is on my boss and told him what happened asked me if I make an appointment to see a chiropractor for doctors in this day should do, so I could get a piece of paper. He told me to go to the chiropractor, so I did and it cost me $ 95 because they are not an insurance policy …. First mistake I guess … Then she told me I tweaked my back and take the rest of the week off. In the meantime, I spoke with my parents and they told me to make an appointment with my doctor, so I did it for the following March and used all my holiday pay for these few days. Then my doctor says I have severe back pain, cramps, and describes a rupture disk can be pro-me tone of the pill, 4 every 6 hours, but he also told me that I I need to talk to the owner and tell him that I was injured at work, I needed 45 days to file a complaint. I spoke with the owner to get married the next day. and he told me to go to their doctor about the game The doctor told me the exact same thing my doctor told me, and she told me to take little pills, another 4 every 6 hours. So at one point I was taking over 16 pills a day. Then she told me again next Thursday and I have to, they gave me a ray ex and said, you still have back pain and severe cramping my need have an MRI later. Then call the managers of the insurance model for me my Workman takes my information and told me that I was not going to their doctor more I to another doctor, who removed an hour to go 10 minutes and verses by the way they were both exactly the same company … Centegra ugh … I received a check from the insurance company from 02/23/10 to 03/08/10. I continued to see their doctors and they tell me that I need physical therapy. Neither I nor the doctors were able to get a hold of my case managers who have not fulfilled their obligation, which she was on her answering machine, contact me by return 3:30 that day, I left messages for Sun . Meanwhile, I took my bike five feet, so I could get my garbage in front of the door, and he has my back. I told my doctor now, and they wrote and told me not to do it again. So we heard Workman Finlay model I start physical therapy, get this 10/04/2010. One month. So I did that from now until last week when my therapist told me that the model of Workman refused my request. I called him and told the case manager that she ate, because if I good enough to pass my bike I was good enough, wanted to return to work. the therapist and the doctor said it was bs. Oh Did I mention that because I do not cash the check first become! I recently contacted a lawyer and works for me to get what they owe me and I can once again broke the Therapie.Also, all in the back of my rent, car, car insurance, motorcycle insurance, invoice telephone, electricity bills, credit cards, and shot my savings account. I have no idea what my next step, and I met the guy so hard that she lived about settling someones claim before someone thinks !!!!!!! I forgot to get a few things that I had my tooth – mention the fall in the short term disability and life insurance, because I can not pay $ 23 every two weeks and they can not through my work until next January

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