Can I change my second mortgage unsecured?

I intend to sell your home. I have a second mortgage at the same bank that holds my original mortgage. The bank plans to convert one second mortgage on a regular basis? My second mortgage is only 13,000, but it does not distinguish between a slow housing market. I have 105k debt (mortgage, student loan, auto loan and unsecured) and I lost my previous job because of lack of work. I got a new job, but I’m about 15K/yr. Thanks a lot to juggle, I’m paying all unsecured loans, which I pay 30/month (they want 260/mth) and they are unhappy, I pay so little, and threatened to sue me. I tried to sell the house to pay the mortgage and personal loan and the lender still has the original level. I hope I work with the agency first collections and I offer them 30 because I’m paid to creditors and sell the house if I pay my bill in full and the credit bureau to remove the stain on my credit with proof of payment. Did they go to collections or pursue first? If they continue they garnish my wages or freeze my bank account (no savings), or both? How does the debt collection process on an unsecured loan? Debt Consolidation tried but my house is not worthy enough to do and has a debt of other related would reduce my chances of selling the house and pay the mortgage and personal loan. I was really looking for information on how the process of collecting the debt, not how to get out of debt. I thought about that when I am pursued. Taja thank you thank you, but I wonder what the collection process. I have 105k, which only 9K unsecured debt. I pay all unsecured loans (to keep their assets) and pay its creditors 30 a month hoping to sell their home to pay the mortgage and unsecured, which will help get rid of my debt 64K, and to about 4 K in my pocket move to a better understanding of the area labor market. I try to get to know (by learning to understand how the process works) when I have time to do it before, if I do not have to worry about his future after my salary and / or control of your bank account. In other words, if I can not operate a collection agency, where you can offer will pay 30 payments and I am trying to pay until I can sell the house. I tried and I can not get a debt consolidation loan with a house of 105 K, the only guarantee is worth 79k. I have the rest of my car and student loans, which must be paid, otherwise they will be worse than it.  My mortgage is quite a good situation, because I pay for this before I buy food. It is the only asset and I am want to go to a place where I can work without having to travel an hour to do. That’s why I’m selling and moving house to pay the mortgage and personal loan I took out to buy a new oven and remove asbestos. I am ready to sell 76k.

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